ICPerMed stands for International Consortium for Personalised Medicine: 
Its members are both public and private “not-for-profit” organisations, whose common aim is fostering PM development and research in the EU. The main decisional organ is the Executive Committee, supported by Challenge Groups and Action Item Groups in their action to implementing ICPerMed’s Action Plan.

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Our project within the ICPerMed Family

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The Sino-EU PerMed project focused on science and technology cooperation between China and the EU in the field of Personalised Medicine (PM).

The project aimed to identify PM-related research and health system stakeholders in Europe and China. It also pinpointed and addressed existing gaps, and analysed the potential and benefits of existing and new PM collaborations between Europe and China. In addition, Sino-EU PerMed aimed to establish links between relevant organisations and research centres that have an interest in PM research and innovation policy. Suitable and interested Chinese organisations were supported to participate in ICPerMed as well as in its working groups, workshops, conferences and other events and initiatives.


Sino-EU Permed: This project received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme und Grant Agreement No 874556.


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